KfW signs an additional loan agreement worth 150 million euros to support Ukraine under the economic emergency aid program – Ukraine

  • Quick and direct support
  • Maintaining state social spending, pension payments and spending on the health and education sectors

On behalf of the German Federal Government, KfW today signed a loan agreement in the amount of 150 million euros with the Ukrainian Ministry of Finance. The “Emergency Economic Aid Program for Ukraine” aims to provide cash to the Ukrainian government so that it can maintain its social expenditure, pensions and health and education expenditure, including the salaries of the school and hospital staff and the purchase of drugs in the current. crisis.

“The funds made available under the emergency economic aid program represent direct and rapid support to the Ukrainian government to mitigate the economic and social consequences of the Russian attack on Ukraine, which is in violation of the law We help prevent a drastic deterioration in the supply situation for large sections of the population and, at the very least, can partially cushion the socio-economic effects,” says Christiane Laibach, member of the KfW Group Management.

The loan is another untied financial credit extended to Ukraine by the German Federal Government.

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